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The average human body is 55% edible meat* and so in honor of us the first place I visited was Smoak a B.B.Q. restaurant ( ). When you arrive at Smoak, the first thing that you notice is the aroma of smoked food as you enter the restaurant. When you enter, there is a waiter at the door who finds you a seat and seats you. Once you are seated a waiter arrives and gives you the menus. The next thing that you notice is the atmosphere: the smell, and the wood ceiling along with the bare piping running along the ceiling and the buzz of conversation which leads to a very happy atmosphere. For the atmosphere, I give it 5 stars. As far as service goes it was average, from the minute you walk in you are greeted, given a menu and then asked what drinks you want. All of your questions you have about the menu will be answered, and then you can order. For service I give it 3.5 stars. The food that my family and I ordered was the pulled pork, the chicken, the french fries, beans, mac and cheese, sausage, bacon, brisket, and ribs. My favorite was the chicken, which had a smoky flavor and extremely juicy which combined was heavenly. Another one of my favorites was the ribs which, while lacking in meat, the meat that was on them was juicy and fell off the bone. The french fries were good but a bit under seasoned, the beans were OK but slightly dry, the mac and cheese was nothing special. The sausage was splendid, juicy and melted in your mouth. There were four types of bacon: apple wood, jalapeno, brown sugar, and cherry cola. My personal favorite was the apple wood because it was crisp and it gives you nostalgia for the fall season, when you had a bite of that perfect crisp apple, which is now in bacon, which makes everything better. The brisket was tender but a bit too thick and, on the edges, the bark to meat ratio has a bit too much bark which will leave your throat longing for moisture. The pulled pork is good but a bit dry and too clumpy. The sauces was nothing special, so overall I would give the food 4 stars. For pricing our meal cost $106 for three and we got to sample pretty much everything that they had. Their only competition in town, John Hardy’s, to get about what we got (they did not have bacon, mac and cheese, sausage) was $82, but the experience at Smoak was exceptional. I give the price 4 stars which means that the overall rating is 16.5 stars out of 20 stars.

*This was obtained by math using numbers from determining how many pounds of meat is on the average human ( ) and figuring how the average human body weight ( ). I took the amount of edible meat on the average human (75 pounds) and then divided that by the average adult human weight (137 pounds).

16 thoughts on “Smoak

  1. We found the meats tasty, the sides were good, but rather small portions. The rhubarb dessert was delicious, large in size, and authentic including real whipped cream (vs. whipped topping)! Our waiter was extremely friendly and knowledgeable. Our only complaint was that the restaurant was quite noisy which made visiting a bit difficult.


  2. Barbecue access is one of my favorite things about living in Texas. If I ever visit Rochester, I know where I’m going for dinner! Thank you for sharing.


  3. Great review! I had never heard of this place until I read your review. I think we’ll be giving it a try next time we are in Rochester. Keep the reviews coming, great writing! Very descriptive and informative! Would love to see a Mexican restaurant in the future.


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